When I was younger, like much younger, my natural mindset was NEGATIVE AF.

It sounds crazy now because I’m always the silver lining person but I wasn’t always! I literally had to be trained to see positives in situations.

Growing up, my dad was a negative Nelly. There was always something he found to complain about. I adopted this mindset and behavior at a young age. And since I was so sensitive, I found it easier to complain than to give thanks and risk being disappointed.

However, my mom was woke so she saw what was happening.

I remember coming home from elementary school, my mom used to force me to tell her three good things about my day before I could tell her anything else.

At first, it was hard for me.. I remember feeling like there were no positives, but I had plenty of complaints! But eventually, it got easier and easier.

Eventually, I totally adapted this more positive mindset and my life is better for it.

You see- you can change your mindset, your thoughts and your entire life at literally any point. We’re not all wired to focus on gratitude and positives. We don’t all come out this way straight away. It takes practice. It takes someone to show us the way. It take someone to reflect back to us where we’re not maintaining a high vibration.

So I just wanna say a big ole THANK YOU to my mom for literally stepping in and changing the course of my life.

And I want to remind you that you too can shift! And I am here to be a guide, a support and a light for you as you do so. Check out The Energetic Evolution, the exclusive way to work with me 1:1 – enrollment is open!