It’s crazy to think how we’re not taught to live our joy and passion as a child. We’re mostly taught to learn, figure out a way to make money, work hard AF, eventually have a family, and keep working until we’re burn out and drained.

Our passions and our joy creates such a high vibration within our energy. This vibration helps attract all of our desires. When we’re expressing our passions, creativity and in the experience of JOY, we are limitless potential. In this vibration, we can call in whatever our hearts desire. This is the secret sauce of energy work – JOY.

What is your joy? What are your passions?

How can you express these things in your everyday life to call in that which you desire?

Instead of focusing on what you desire, why not try focusing on doing more things that you enjoy? This will immediately elevate your vibration and your desires will manifest before your eyes.

Find what brings you joy and do more of it! It can be that simple if you let it be.