Embody Divinity

I didn’t always accept myself. Honestly I’ve spent quite a lot of years hating certain aspects of myself. For a long time I wished I was something I’m not. In those times, I was not accepting all of me. I wasn’t accepting that who I am is my super power! I had forgotten who I truly am. It wasn’t until I began to peel off the wool from over my eyes that I realized how important every part of me truly is.

Embody- to be an expression of or give or visible form to

Divine- of, from, or like God or a god

You see –

We are all unique expressions of God created Light.

We are an embodiment of divinity, in all ways.

When we came to Earth, we chose our bodies as our homes.

We must love and give thanks to our homes.

We are perfect in all ways.

Every inch and every curve serves a purpose.

Allow yourself to step fully into this truth.

Allow yourself to step fully into your body.

Knowing you deserve to be seen, heard and worshipped.

Let your light shine.

You are an embodiment of the Divine.

Perfection in all ways.

Please remember this everyday.


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