As humans, we often need to experience contrast. If we didn’t know sorrow, we wouldn’t appreciate joy. If we don’t know chaos, how can we appreciate peace? When things don’t feel like they’re going right and you’re left feeling frustrated…


Throw your hands up to the sky and say THANK YOU! Thank you for this opportunity to become aware of that which I do not desire. Thank you for this experience to see the contrast that has been created. Thank you for this chance to find more acceptance, more appreciation, and much more gratitude for the things in my life that are exact manifestations of my desires.

Imprinting and remembering that each moment is fleeting and this too shall pass.

This morning was filled with a lot of loud barking, unavoidable frustration and extreme awareness of what works for me and what doesn’t. I could have let frustration build up and get the best of me. In the past I would have. But instead I shifted.

Instead, I chose acceptance and understanding for myself and the situation. I chose to maintain my desired vibration through it all. Which led me to sitting in meditation, then crossing some things of my to-do list, and now I’m enjoying peace and quiet as I reflect.

If this morning wasn’t so loud and inconvenient, I might not have seen how beautiful and amazing this moment of calm, quiet, peace truly is.

So I ask you – what inconveniences can you reframe today? What event that usually grinds your gears can you shift into acceptance about? How can you be grateful for every moment, even the ones that feel inconvenient?