Drop into the heart.

Our minds play tricks on us.

We let our minds rule our lives, telling us lies and false truths based on chemical responses we adapted as children to deal with the environments we were in.

We used the mind as a self defense system but that often leaves us with: eating disorders, stress, panic, anxiety, fear, anger and serious addictions.

The mind is the monkey brain – creating chitter chatter and is easily influenced to patterns.

It’s when we drop out of our minds, and into our hearts that we can release the old habits, patterns, and mechanisms of the past.

The heart is our truth.

The center of our being. It has it’s own language, based on feelings and energy.

The heart can not be controlled. Only by the mind can it be tricked.

The time of thinking, studying and mind control is over.

It’s time to live from the heart.

Let us leave the idea that we must think things through behind. It’s time to step into trust and live off our emotions and feelings.

When you live from the heart, and live your truth, the divine will guide your way.


Quiet the mind and live from the heart.

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