Greetings –

You must allow yourself to step out of the frequency in which you declare you are comfortable.
It is within this frequency where you are allowing programs to take control.
These program are of lower vibrations and keep you stuck.
These lower vibrations encourage anxiety, depression and dis-ease.
If you desire to feel better, more elevated and more at peace you must take conscious steps towards it- you can not sit idly, doing exactly what you have always done and expect any sort of change.
It is important now for you to release these lower vibrations.
You will ultimately feel better, more aligned and full of peace once done.
Allowing yourself to act in separation is an act of disharmony within yourself and with yourself within the world.
It is important you now begin to take steps towards elevating your vibration or you will find yourself lost and stuck within an outdated energetic grid.
We wish you well and we wish you take our advice, we understand it is not a given as you have ultimate free will.
We are here to assist your elevation and encourage you to make the shift.

– The Pleiadian Council of Light