My family doesn’t hold the same beliefs as I do. Most of my family actually believes that my work is devil’s worship. We don’t see eye to eye and I doubt we ever will. I accept their beliefs and love them regardless, I’m not sure they hold the same feelings. This makes holidays particularly difficult for me.

I’m an only child. My parents are divorced- mom on Long Island, dad in Miami. The majority of my dad’s side of the family is in Miami. My mom’s side is on the island, but there’s a riff in the family. The family has been divided in two for over a decade.

I’m 27 years old. My cousins (my mom’s cousins kids- I don’t have any first cousins on my mom’s side) are all older with kids. Their kids are young. I feel like I don’t have a place. I’m an adult compared to the kids, but a kid compared to the adults. I have one cousin that’s my age but he hasn’t been at Christmas in two years because of his work.

I simply don’t fit in or feel like I have a place in the family. I’m the outcast, the black sheep. This year- I was toying with the idea of skipping family Christmas. Spending the day with myself and my dog. I felt like the family wouldn’t miss me that much so maybe I’d do something different.

And then I realized-

I’m lucky enough to have family who’s invited me to their home for the holidays. I’m blessed enough not to be alone on the holidays. I’m empowered enough to shift the energy and conversations if it becomes uncomfortable for me. If I go into the day- beaming from my heart center- it can’t be that bad.

My wish this year is for you to also remember to look at your situation from many perspectives. There are people out there praying for the things you’re complaining about. Go into things with a positive attitude. Live from a place of love. Show compassion. Be grateful. Your life is the manifestation of a miracle.