Going through old journals is a trippy time warp.
On one hand, it feels like nothing has changed- I’m exactly the same. Yet, on the other, it feels like everything has changed and I’m totally different. It might sound crazy but- both are true.
I am more myself now than I’ve ever been.
There are channeled messages in my old journals that I still need to hear. There are also reminders of how far I’ve come.
I was working through finding myself and I hadn’t realized how much inner work I had actually done using a pen and paper. And I’m so glad I did because I get the blessing of looking back on it all.
I originally had a lot of resistance about looking back at my journals. I didn’t want to see (and feel- those pages hold a lot of energy within them) who I once was. I wasn’t sure I wanted to revisit that part of me. But I’m really glad I have.
I’ve had the blessing of looking back and seeing the exact page where I decided Channeled Inspirations was my business. It was in February of 2017- written in my journal forever. Which is crazy because at this point I feel Channeled Inspirations has been a part of my life FOREVER.
I’ve had the blessing of looking back at the moments when I was navigating a huge shift in my life- leaving my full time job. And even looking back at the times when I was STUDYING what I now teach!
Mind blowing to see the shift in energy from apprehension to absolute confidence and assurance around my craft.
This season of 2018 is all about reflection- and I am looking back in absolute awe of the life that I have co-created. Sometimes I can not believe my reality is reality. And sometimes, it feels uncomfortable and scary and unknown but growth can do that to ya.
Looking back at old journals made me realize how much both nothing and everything have changed over the past few years.