FOMO is an Illusion

Say it with me now –


Let that sink in.
If it’s meant to be – it would be.
Rest easy knowing that anything you “miss out” on, just wasn’t for you.
Something better is coming your way – trust!

With social media being 98% of our lives, it’s so easy to feel like we’re missing out on things. If we’re seeing what everyone else is doing all of the time- our jealousy can kick into gear quick. Thoughts like- “but I should be there!” , “they’re having fun without me?!” “of course I’m missing out” – will creep into your mind fast. It’s important to remember.. there’s a reason you’re not there- you’re not meant to be!

There is a Divine plan for each and every one of us. Sometimes, us “missing out” is the biggest blessing we could have asked for and we don’t even realize it at the time.
Whatever is meant for us – can not and will not miss us!

Published by Channeled Inspirations

Lisa Dooley is a spiritual leader to business owners and spiritual mentor to women. Lisa is the founder of Channeled Inspirations; her mission is to help women realize their dreams by understanding how to work with their God given gifts to create success.

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