Yesterday the 12.12 portal fully opened! Did you feel it?

At this time, there is a lot of Galactic energy here on Earth assisting in the Ascension process. These energies are here to HELP us. They want us to drop density from our physical body, so we can elevate and integrate our Light Bodies.

During the next 10 or so days, you will experience a lot of past issues coming back up to the surface. These issues are coming up to either to be released from your vibratory field, or to be integrated and brought to light. Either way- it is a big time for HEALING.

Do not run from these issues in fear. The time to face them is here. If you’ve been avoiding dealing with anything, now is the time to face is head on! Bring it to light- allow it to go or allow it to integrate. This will release the density and elevate the vibration of your energy.

This portal is for elevating the frequency in which you reside. When you elevate your own unique frequency, it elevates the entire world. We are one.

This is a time to usher in the Golden Era. Bringing in the elevated vibrations, Christ consciousness, and heart centered way of living!

Read this light encoded meditation to yourself SLOWLY-

Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out.
I am more than my physical body.
My energy is expansive and limitless.
I welcome all lower vibrations to come up and out.
I am ready to release all density.
I easily and effortlessly integrate all aspects of myself- past, present and future.
I am whole.
Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out.
I live from my heart.
I am a divine expression of love.
I exude compassion and grace.
I am love.
Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out.
My energy is used only for good.
I am conscious, aware, and in tune.
I am a being of pure light.
I am love.