I’ve spent a majority of my life working on myself.

I remember when I was younger- I was severely depressed. I even missed 3 entire months of school in 7th grade with a “mono-like illness”. In hindsight, I was totally depressed and misaligned energetically that it manifested into an illness, but at the time that didn’t even cross my mind. As I got older, I started to grow out of it a bit. Started feeling more “normal” and “better”. But something was always off. When I got into high school, I entered traditional talk therapy for the first time. I was prescribed anti depressants which helped me out A LOT. I started to feel better, being able to talk to someone about all of the thoughts and emotions I had swirling through my head. But after a while, I started to plateau. I felt better, I was sick of talking about things, hated “having” to go to therapy when everyone else was hanging out and having fun and I eventually decided to stop going to therapy and stop taking the meds.

I was okay for a bit, until I wasn’t.

I began to self medicate with cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. For a while, that was working for me. I was feeling okay- mostly because I was numb. But eventually, that got old and wasn’t doing it for me so I went back to talk therapy. I’ve been in and out of talk therapy for a majority of my life. Finding it super helpful in some aspects, and not enough in others. I’m a big advocate for talk therapy – but it doesn’t always get to the root of the issue. Most often, things like depression and anxiety are caused by energetic imbalances. For instance, for me I was holding on A LOT of energetic trauma from my childhood (and into my teens) that was affecting me deeply- talking about the things that happened only got me so far. It wasn’t until I began seeing an energy healer, regularly, that things started to shift.

I worked with a talk therapist, I was aware of what was causing me to feel certain things, I saw how the actions in the past linked to my thoughts + emotions of the present, but I didn’t know how to get to the next level just by talking more about the same things over and over again. Working with my healer on a regular basis allowed me to finally RELEASE the trauma and energy that was keeping me stuck in lower vibrations. This is when things really began to shift for me. While working on my energy- I was able to shift myself in order to leave behind a full time job that wasn’t working for me, lots of anger + resentment, and welcome in more and more light into my energetic field. After a while, I knew I needed to go even further. I was in a relationship that I knew wasn’t serving my highest good but couldn’t seem to let go no matter how hard I tried. I started working with a self love + personal growth coach regularly which changed my life!

Working with a coach, which was almost like a spiritual talk therapy session, in conjunction with my healer created expedited shifts that I almost don’t even recognize who I was before I started. I was able to leave the relationship behind, and eventually my part time job as well. I worked on myself, my inner child, my energy, my spirit and my mindset which literally changed my life over the course of only one year! Sometimes I can’t even believe how rapidly things shifted when I decided I was ready for them to. I still regularly work with my healer and my coach, and probably will never stop! There is always room for growth and expansion when you have the desire + commitment for it.

Seeing the results I’ve had in just one short year, is why I’m so passionate about the work that I do. I combine mentoring, coaching and energy work into one bundle to create major shifts in my clients lives.

To work with me you have to be:

  • Ready for a change
  • Ready to dive into the uncomfortable
  • Ready to shift
  • Ready to do the work
  • Committed to the process
  • Committed to showing up 110%

Working with me is not for everybody.

I am not shy about pointing out when your thoughts are creating the exact thing you’re unhappy about. I am not shy about showing you where your actions may have caused an energetic discord. I am not shy about diving into your pain in order to show you where the light has been this whole time.

If this speaks to you- if you are ready to shift, elevate, and embody light- let’s chat! ❤

xoxo. Love, Light, Lisa.