The mind is a beautiful and powerful piece of our puzzle.

When you gain control of the mind, you gain control of much more than just that. You gain control over your life!

I have changed over the last few years.

I was a different person 10 years ago.. 5 years ago.. 1 year ago.. a few months ago..

I’m constantly changing and evolving into a new, better, truer version of myself.

About ten years ago I was a smoker. I was smoking A LOT – close to a pack a day on most days. It was how I handled stress. It was how I fit in with the crowd. It was my escape. My subconscious habit. It was a part of me.

Until I decided it wasn’t going to be anymore.

About five years ago I quit smoking. I simply decided I was done and I was!

I committed to myself, to my decision, and I made it happen by simply making up my mind about it.

Now- to be totally transparent and honest with you, I’ve smoked cigarettes since then. I’ve had my moments where i slipped. I’m not perfect- BUT I have absolutely not once stepped back into the addiction. When I decided I was done being a nicotine addict- I was done!

I went from smoking multiple cigarettes a day to going at least three years without one.


I focused solely on the present day.

I didn’t worry myself with “OMG I’ll never have a cigarette again?!” or “What will my life look like without a cigarette in hand?!”

I simply stated- just for today, I will not smoke. Just for today, I’ll go without a cigarette. Just for today, I can do it.

You see.. we get caught up in a struggle because we tend to over complicate a lot of things with worries, doubts and fears.

Those little gremlins seem to creep up at every corner trying to deter us from our goals.

When you can tell those gremlins who’s boss. When you can stand strong within your decision despite those gremlins, that’s when you know you’ve begun the art of mastering the mind! It is then that you know you’ve gained back control over your life.

The new year is just around the corner and with it comes the time for resolutions. But I ask.. why wait when it’s as simple as just deciding?

What shift are you going to make in your life?!