1. Your laundry looks like this –
All black everything.
tempImageForSave 13Black is a color of protection and strength. Black is said to repel any vibrations that are not meant for you. Wearing black is a form of protection and power. Many modern mystics are most comfortable when dressed in all black.

2. You have 20+ plants that all have names.
You talk to them daily and think of them as friends.

tempImageForSave 12
Plants are energetic beings and have a huge impact on the energy of a space. They can be used to elevate and uplift, as well as add to the ambiance and decor of any room. They each have an energy of their own and it’s important to get to know them as they grow.

3. You’ve replaced perfumes with expensive AF essential oils.
And suddenly you’re running out of space to store them all.tempImageForSave 11
Essential oils are a game changer for your vibration. They naturally uplift your vibe. When you choose the correct essential oils, they’re non-toxic and so much healthier than traditional perfumes. They are a bit pricey but so worth it for their high quality.

4. Whether it’s a candle, herbs or incense – something’s always burning!
Ambiance, am I right?!

tempImageForSave 9
Burning things is a mystic’s nature. We burn sage to clear energy, we burn palo santo to uplift energy, we burn incense to set the tone, and we light candles to set the mood. There are so many other reasons behind burning these sacred tools but they are personal and different for every mystic.

5. There’s no room on the table to put anything down, it’s covered with crystals!
Gimme all the good vibes!!

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Crystals have a huge impact of the energy of their surroundings. They are amazing beings that are tools for us. When used correctly they can clear your energy, shift your energy, elevate your energy and even protect your energy! Why wouldn’t you want to have as many as possible?!

You have all the stuff! Now WTF do you do with it?!
Push it to the side.. you don’t need it!

These are just TOOLS that act as a vessel for your energy.
What happens if these tools get taken away? Then the magic is gone?
Don’t give your magic away, my dear mystic.
The magic IS YOU!

These tools are great, but they’re not everything.
What you need to focus on is you- your energy, your magic.
It’s all inside of you waiting to be unleashed.

I help mystics do just that!

I help mystics dig deep and find the strength within. I help you bring your power out from the shadows, into the light. I help you stand firmly in the world.

I help mystics release that which has weighed you down to raise your vibration. I help you elevate your consciousness to new levels. I help your expand your energy to it’s purest vibration of light.

I help mystics share your gifts with comfort and ease. I help you show your truth to the world and release the fear of persecution. I help you to realize that you are MAGIC in everything you do!