This is a common question, however, it is one of the most difficult to answer on a grand scale. Energy healing works differently for each person. What you will receive, or feel, during and after a session is very individualized. The results depend on your willingness to open up and receive, your specific intentions, and the work you are willing to do to fully release and heal yourself. When you are open to receive the highest healing, energy healing acts as a bath, cleansing our souls and our energetic fields of all that no longer serves us.

Energy healing can be beneficial for many different things. Below are a few common things that healing sessions help with:

Stress: Stress is stored within the energetic and physical body, and when not released can lead to illnesses, or dis-ease. Energy healing sessions allow the stuck energy from stress to move and release, bringing peace of mind to the person receiving, ultimately resulting in less stress and a healthier over-all life.

Anger/Resentment: Holding a grudge is common, however, not in our best interest to do so. Holding onto anger and/or resentment, only hurts ourselves. These negative emotions are stored in our bodies and effect us in many ways. Energy healing sessions help to release these negative emotions, allowing our energy to flow more freely. The result of releasing these emotions through energy healing can lead to a happier life.

Forgiveness: This is a topic that many people find difficult. Lack of forgiveness leads to a closed heart. When your heart is closed, you are essentially closing off the rest of the world from yourself. Energy healing sessions allow the heart center to open, resulting in ultimate forgiveness for all. This may not be an instantaneous result, however, from consistent sessions you will find that you are more forgiving and understanding of others.

Shame/Guilt: Many people suffer with having been shamed at some point through out their lives. This results in feeling guilty for being who you truly are. These emotions manifest as limiting beliefs, dis-ease, or lack of self esteem. Energy healing sessions help to release these stored negative emotions so that we can become confident and prideful in who we are, regardless of what other’s think about it.

Ease: It is very common for people to have resistance. This resistance can manifest in different forms, but all ultimately resulting in a more difficult life. Energy healing sessions, specifically Integrated Energy Therapy, allow you to align with your soul’s purpose, releasing the resistance you created and allowing you to live a life of ease.

Personal Power: This is one of the biggest results that come from energy healing sessions, aligning with your personal power. In our energetic bodies, our personal power lies within our Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra is often blocked energetically. Allowing an energy healing and release around this chakra will result in a stronger sense of self and a sense of power over your own life.