Magic Making Wild Witch

I identify as a Witch.

Probably not so much in the stereotypical sense. I don’t cast “spells”. I don’t make “potions”. I don’t fly on a broom.

I am a Witch because I harness my power. I define magic as intention and will. As creatures, our minds are powerful enough to create our deepest desires. When you set your mind to something and truly believe it will happen- it does.

My energy is my magic and I know how to yield it. My words are powerful and my thoughts are strong. I maintain and elevate my energetic vibration so that I may align with all that is good in the Universe.

I use my energy, my power and my magic to my benefit without harming anything in the process. I use my magic to create a life that I love; filled with peace, happiness and joy.

I follow my own magic making rule book and often times I make it up as I go along. I trust that I am protected and know that as long as my intentions are pure, all is well in the world.

I identify as a Witch. A magic making wild one.

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