We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Part of that human experience is living inside a physical body. Although our true essence is separate from our physical vessel, our vessel is our home in this life. It is imperative to connect to your vessel daily.

For a while, I felt the need to ground ALL OF THE TIME. I felt I needed to ground to stay “down to Earth”. I felt I needed to ground to connect. But what I soon came to realize was that, I felt I needed to ground because I wasn’t embodied! I wasn’t connecting to my physical vessel and I felt off and out of place.

Through mindful movement I have found freedom, connection and acceptance. What is mindful movement? It is breathing and moving as your body wants to. It is breathing, releasing thoughts and/or judgements, and just going with the flow. It doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t need to be pretty, it only needs to feel good!

Give it a shot tonight – put on some music that makes you feel good, and move your body! Start by breathing deeply, closing your eyes and connecting to your center. Then let the music move you. How does your body want to move? Does it want to move fast and release stagnant energy? Does it want to move slow and create space? Does it want to combine both fast and slow movement? Does it want to move side to side? Just do what you feel and let it happen! When you feel like you’ve moved enough, take some more deep breaths. Breathe into your body and feel the difference. I bet you’ll find you feel much better than when you started.