You must listen to yourself. Honor it when your Soul wants to hide because the world is just TOO MUCH. Life is crazy and when you’re energetically sensitive, you pick up on other people’s shit. Being constantly surrounded by people can become overwhelming and unbearable. Do not feel badly when you pick yourself over others. Maintaining your highest vibration is of the greatest importance.

Tonight I hit a wall.. too many people, too much stimuli, just plain old too much! I felt pulled in many directions and so far from centered it wasn’t even funny. It was hard for me to fully realize what was going on in the moment, but I knew I felt incredibly overwhelmed. Years ago I would have ignored that feeling and kept on, but tonight was different. I took hold on myself, decided what I wanted and went for it.

I wanted to get out.. I wanted to go home, so I did. It might sound like a small feat, but regardless I am proud. Instead of following the crowd, instead of ignoring my needs.. I honored myself and did what I wanted!

Although I don’t always do what’s in my best interest, I am continuously making better decision and taking steps towards living my best life. I am much further along than where I once was and for me, that is enough.