Your space must reflect your desires and intentions. The space you spend your time in becomes you. Not only does it reflect you, it impacts you.

It’s also important to change your space as you change. Make sure your space is reflecting your goals and desires.

Create a space that makes you feel at home. Create a space that makes you feel like you’re being hugged every time you enter it. Create a space that you LOVE.

Pro Tips for Creating a Sacred Space:
1. Keep only that which brings you joy. If it doesn’t make you smile when you look at it, don’t keep it out.
2. Make sure not to over clutter. Leaving space allows for things to come to you.
3. Keep it clean! A mess can be overwhelming and less than relaxing.
4. Allow your space to evolve. Things that once resonated with you may not as you grow. Go with the flow and get rid of things periodically.
5. Create an over-all color scheme that you want to maintain throughout the space.