Every one has different ways to connect to the divine. What works for you may not work for me and what works for me might not work for you. There is no wrong way to find a connection to source.

Find your method of connection and explore it. You may choose to meditate or pray. Whether you worship the Bible, the Quran, your own book of spells, or even if you don’t believe in any of it. Figure out what brings you into alignment and do it.

It does not matter to me if you resonate with my rituals, or do not. Do not worry yourself about another’s perception. What’s meant for you will be sure to find it’s way. As I trust it will do the same for me.

Find the path unique to you that brings you to the divine. Do not cast judgement on the path others take to find connection. Worry only about yourself.

Spread nothing but love, light and good energy. Live your life with integrity and balance. Living in such a way will diminish all chances of regret and shame cast on you from others.

Live up to your own standards first. You’ll find that when you redirect the focus on yourself, you have much less time to worry about others. Looking at others is only a way to avoid looking within.

When you turn within and release any shame about who you truly are, you’ll find it much easier to accept others. But first, you must accept yourself. Start by honoring what makes you feel connected.

Below is a New Moon prayer to release judgement and shame and create room for a deeper connection:

Father, Mother, God.
Infinite Spirit. Divine Creator.
I call upon you with gratitude.
May you bestow your blessings upon me.
On this New Moon, I effortlessly let go of all that no longer serves me.
I release any feelings, experiences, and memories of judgement and shame, as well as the energy associated with them.
I no longer have space to carry such things with me.
I open my arms to the blessings that I know are in store.
I create time and space within my life to honor my connection to the Divine.
I welcome in any and all abundance, people, opportunities, and experiences that wish to come.
On this New Moon, I declare it so.
And so it is.