Shedding Skin.

It’s time to let go. Unravel. Come undone. Release all of which you’ve held on to so tightly. Purge the emotions you’ve kept hidden for years.

It is okay to feel. It is safe to express yourself. You are allowed to take up space. There is a place for you, and only you, on this Earth. Stand up and claim your place. Your feelings are valid. Your feelings are your messengers.

There is no shame in experiencing emotions. You are not a burden to others. You are a vessel of light in a human body. The very essence and core of who you are is LOVE.

This life is meant for you to find your way back home- back to love. Before you can embody the essence of unconditional love, you must purge all that is not.

This path you have chosen to walk is not easy. You’ve started on a trail that has no map. All you have are your emotions to guide you. So you must do what brings you joy, happiness and love. Leave the rest alone.

It is a new time, a new chapter, a new phase. Shed the past and step into your future. Step into your power, sister. It is waiting for you.

Published by Channeled Inspirations

Lisa Dooley is a spiritual leader to business owners and spiritual mentor to women. Lisa is the founder of Channeled Inspirations; her mission is to help women realize their dreams by understanding how to work with their God given gifts to create success.

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