We all see the world through our own individual perception. No one view is the same as another. Each is individual, unique and complete on its own. Our emotions and experiences set the tone for our world. They shape the entirety of the view you have. You should aim to remove all except love.

Live your life solely to give and receive love. The core of who you are is love. Do you remember? Come back to your core. Come back to your center. Come back to LOVE.

When everything you do stems from a place of love, you will feel good about all of your actions. This means you can peacefully and lovingly walk away from anything that is not for your highest good. Remember- you are allowed to set your boundaries. You don’t have to settle for anything less than you deserve for the sake of love. If it’s isn’t in alignment with your truth it isn’t true love.

Let us journey back. Back to our truth and back to our core. Do you remember who you were as a child? Can you connect to that energy? Can you connect to your truth before the world told you who you were supposed to be? All you knew was love. Let’s get back to love.