What does it mean to be a Goddess?

A Goddess is a woman who is empowered. A Goddess is a woman who knows her worth. A Goddess is a woman who is in tune and in flow with the Universe.

Acknowledging the essence of the Goddess within you is not being cocky. It is not being full of yourself and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Acknowledging that YOU ARE A GODDESS is your birth right.

There is no other woman on this Earth like you. You are unique. You are individual. And in that lies your power! You are the only you that this Earth will see. Embody your true essence at all times. Own your Goddess nature. Give this world every bit of you and don’t you dare hide. You are here to shine your light, to embody your Goddess essence and to give this world love.

Step into your power, my dear. Come out of hiding and into the light.
It’s your time to shine. It’s the era of the Goddess. Don’t waste one more minute of your precious time.

The time is now. You know how. Shine your light. Allow yourself to be bright.

The Goddess Within
~ Goddess Lisa Marie ~