I grew up in a home by myself. I’m an only child and my parents were in an unhappy marriage. The environment was hostile and toxic. I became adjusted and thought that’s how marriage is. At least my parents are still married, right? Ha.. by the time I was 18 they were living in two different bedrooms in the same house where tensions were high. Just before i turned 19 I was arrested. You see- I was looking for a place to belong, somewhere I could fit in. So desperately wanting to feel validated but going about in a terrible way. I found myself hanging with the wrong crowd just to feel like i was a part of something. I ended up on probation for three years, which all things considered, was the a blessing from God. Yet still bending the rules, trying to fit in. I count my blessings I was never caught slipping because I could only imagine where I’d be at this point had i been. The time I spent doing exactly what I shouldn’t be doing only left me with shame and guilt; knowing I wasn’t necessarily proud of my actions. As I got older, I partied less and studied more. I paid for myself to get all of my certifications and that is an accomplishment I am proud of. I chose to do it, and I did. I had found a decent paying full time job that wasn’t totally awful. I thought I was in the flow, but I knew something was missing. I wasn’t happy. It started slowly- figuring out what excited me and following it. I studied dietary management, hospitality management and marketing, Reiki, spirituality, Integrated Energy Therapy, channeled writing and more! All throughout learning to connect, understand and harness to my own energetic essence. I have spent a lot of time reading books from different perspectives, looking to connect all of the pieces. The more connected I became, the unhappier I was with my energetic environment and the more eager and willing to make a change I was. Through sacred connections and divine guidance I was put in a position where I felt supported in my decision to leave my full time job. After-all, it was only bringing stress and depression into my life. I didn’t have a plan, I just knew that I’d be able to figure it out and make it work. After about a month of interviewing with terrible prospects, I had finally found somewhere that was convenient and not soul sucking! It’s not my passion, but I do enjoy working there. I consider myself blessed to have this opportunity. The location is great, hours are convenient, people are nice and uplifting; short of working for myself, what else could I ask for?! I am grateful for this experience and knowledge I am gaining on the path to growing my business and living my passion. I have dreams that are big, and they never stop growing. I celebrate every milestone and victory along the way while feeling my way through life. In no way am I saying that I’ve made it; simply that I have come very far but I know that I have even further to go. I just hope that I can inspire you to leave the fear behind and take a step into your destiny. It won’t be easy. Quite frankly, it’s hard work. But if you do it, you can have everything you’ve ever wanted. All of your dreams can come true. Start with commitment. Commit to yourself! Commit to dive in, dig deep and do the work. It is in the darkness that we find light, right? Enter the depths of your soul, and shine the light around while you’re there. What can you dig up and get rid of to live the life of your dreams?