I’ve always labeled myself a “control freak”. I prefer to be in charge. I’m a planner by nature. I’ve rationalized it to myself in a simple way; if the wheels fall off, I only have myself to blame. Somehow, this served me. Now couple that with perfectionism; not only did I want to do it all, I wanted to do it all perfectly. I’m not sure of the exact moment that this became a huge part of me, but I know it was with me for a LONG LONG time.

Only recently, have I started to loosen my grip of control, and allow myself to be imperfect. It has taken a lot of energy work to get here. Many energy healing sessions to remove any blockages I had that prevented me from going with the flow. A few past life regressions, touching upon past lives where I felt out of control and healing those ancient wounds.

There is still a part of me that wants to steer the ships in the direction that I best see fit, but I’ve allowed that part to take a back seat. I realize that this is a process and every experience I have allows me an opportunity to practice being in flow with life, allowing my Highest Self to step forward and lead the way.

You see, the things is- we can’t always be in control, because our minds are so limited in comparison to the bigger picture. Take a minute and think of all the great things that came about so unexpected, or were a result of your plan going totally wrong. Imagine if you had had the ability to control those situations in the first place, you never would’ve been where you are now because you couldn’t imagine it.

We have to let go of the illusion that we have any control over anything that happens. It’s all part of a divine plan. When we try to control, all we do is cause more turbulence along the way. Old controlling patterns keep us small, and stagnate our growth. Trust that the universe knows best, and allow it to bring and release situations for you as it sees fit.

Let Go. Let God.