When we’re discussing our energetic fields, there are so many things in our world that effect us! The music we listen to is a huge factor in our mood. The music emits vibrations which effect our energetic fields in a great manor.

For those of you who know me, I am a music minded person. Always listening to music, singing along. It’s innate and half the time I don’t even realize I’m doing it. But being an empath, I see a different side of music than most do. Not only do I enjoy it, I also see and feel the energy each and every song puts out. That’s not to say I discrimate against any genre of music or song, I believe each serves it’s purpose. But we, as people, need to be mindful of the energy we are creating within ourselves.

When you break down music – you have the instrumentals comprised of the notes and the rhythm. And then there is also the words. Each of these is a factor on it’s own. The rhythm has a specific energy to it. Is it fast paced and invigorating? Is it slow and relaxing? Is it melodic? These are some things to think about the next time you put on the radio. What kind of mood does the music put you in? What does it do to your energy? How does the rhythm effect you? And then, there are the words. When you put on a song, take some time to truly listen to and understand the words being sung. Are they happy? Are they sad? What message are they portraying? Are the words positive and uplifting? Are they demeaning? If there wasn’t a catchy beat and hook, if the words were simply spoken like a poem- What are they saying? How do they make you feel?

These are simple questions, that are often overlooked when we discuss music. However, when music is created, the artist of course wants it to sound good, but I believe they are more concerned with how the music makes you feel. Remember to take a minute and think about that next time you turn on the radio!