The way you spend your morning is what sets the tone for your entire day. Even if your morning isn’t in the typical “morning” hours, this still applies.

Picture this – you wake up, alarm blaring, only to realize you’ve snoozed one too many times and now you’re late. You jump out of bed, barely have time for a shower, let alone breakfast. You’re running around frantically trying to get yourself ready and out the door as quickly as possible. On your way to work (or school, or where-ever it is you may need to go on this day), you hit lots of traffic. You’re catching every light and get stuck behind every slow driver on the road. You just can’t seem to catch a break. Can you feel the type of energy and mood this is creating? You’re not relaxed, and completely on edge. Starting your day in this way can lead to you being irritable, easily aggitated, anxious and spread too thin through out the whole day. This type of energetic slime has the ability to stay with you, influencing every interaction and experience you have through out the day.

Now, dissimilarly, picture this – you hear the soft tones of your alarm gently waking you up. You decide to get out of bed right away, don’t even look at your phone, or social media. You open your blinds and allow the sun to enter into your room. Make yourself a cup of coffe or tea, and sit for a minute adjusting to the new day. You have plenty of time before you need to get ready for work or school, so you do some gentle yoga and/or stretching to wake your body up. You have time for a five minute meditation to align your body, mind, and spirit. You take a leisurely shower, make yourself a delicious and nutritious breakfast, get dressed and ready and you’re on your way (with time to spare). You don’t hit any traffic, and if you do it’s no bother because you’re early anyways, and you get to your destination exactly when you planned to. Do you feel the difference in energy here? You are relaxed, content and going with the flow (rather than fighting to stay afloat). The rest of your day will be filled with ease, and even if problems do arise, you are in the best mindset to deal with them.

Realistically I’m aware that not everybody can have such a leisurely, relaxing morning every morning. Even I’m guilty of occassionally over-snoozing and having a panicked morning such as the one I described above. The purpose of this is not to insist that every morning must be super spiritual and filled with only leisurely activities, that isn’t realistic. The purpose is to bring awareness that what we do and how we spend our mornings has a great effect on the outcome of the rest of the day. If possible, make your next few mornings relaxing ones and see exactly what I’m referring to.