As within, so without. That one simple phrase is a great explanation as to why environment is key; it reflects what is happeneing within you. When you find yourself in a space that is messy, unorganized and chaotic – take note of how you feel on the inside. Chances are you’re feeling the same way within, or perhaps even uncertain. Uncertainty can manifest in outward chaos, because your thought patterns are so scattered and all over the place, so are your belongings!

If you feel mentally scattered, and don’t know what to do to focus, start by examining the environment you spend most of your time in. Is it messy? Is it unorganized? Does it soothe you or create anxiety within? These are important questions to ask yourself. Once you’ve answered them, then it’s time to take action. If your environment isn’t soothing, take steps towards fixing that. Are the walls a soothing color? Are your belongings organized? Do the things you have on display give you joy? Do you have things to remind you of the ultimate peace you have within? If not, make it so!

Being an empath, the space around me is very important. I need it to be clean. I need it to be a certain way. I need my crystals in my space. I need my space to feel sacred, it is my retreat from the world. I need to regularly cleanse it. If I don’t, I feel the effects dramatically. Most people are empaths and don’t even realize it. Many don’t realize how much of a factor environment plays. Not only is it a clue as to what’s going on within, it’s also a trigger. When you walk into a sacred space, you automatically start to feel relaxed and at peace. When you walk into a cluttered and/or disorganized room, notice how you feel. I’m willing to bet peace and relaxation are NOT the things that come to mind in that sort of environment.

If you are striving for a more peaceful mindset, or a calmer life – start by changing the space you’re spending your time in! You’ll be amazed at how effective this small change can actually be!