In order for new things to come, you must create space. Coming from a place of openness brings ease. You can not force what is meant to be. You allow space for it to happen and so it will be.

Clinging to the past does not bring it back. It simply creates a block to accessing your future and prevents you from enjoying the present. You have to appreciate it for what it was, and let it go.

To truly be able to release, you have to feel and acknowledge all of the emotions that come up. Hiding, surprising, or shoving them deep down are not options. You must face them head on, allowing them to come and go. This process is difficult and takes a lot of work (and patience).

The journey to healing requires accountability and determination. You must remain open to learning. All that happens around you is an opportunity to expand your knowledge. That is where true enlightenment is; knowledge of self. The more you know, the most you can confront.

Encourage an energetic release with a physical one. Cleansing the body is a vital step in the cleansing of the soul. Fast if you can, your body needs a detox. Look around your environment and remove all that is no longer necessary. Clutter increases stagnation and discourages movement.

The goal is for energy to move freely in and around you. This is when you will feel in sync with the ebb and flow of life. Take our advice; the time for release and renew is now; make space for all that is meant for you to come your way.