Solitude is necessary in order to learn the language of your soul. You must spend time alone, with yourself. No distractions. This allows you to breathe and connect. This allows you to feel. This allows you to understand all that is being said to you through your body, and through all of your senses. Your soul speaks, it is your duty to listen.

Nature helps to learn to understand the language of the soul. All beings in nature move freely. They go with the flow, going dormant at time and blooming without doubt at others. Nature does not try to silence itself. Nature does not ignore its feelings. It simply is.

We must take a lesson from nature. And just be. Without doubt. Without distraction. Wholy and unapologetically ourselves, regardless of what that looks like to others. If we can sit with ourselves long enough, our souls will tell us exactly how to do that. We just have to listen.