Stop apologizing to yourself and to others. You have nothing to be sorry for. You are you. The only one. the only one who knows what you need and when. Stop apologizing for what that looks like. If what you need doesn’t work for another person – FORGET THEM. You don’t need them anyways. You only need people who work for you. It’s time to get to know you. What you need. What you like. What you don’t. You’ve come a long way but there is more to go. The more you release the less you hold on to. The closer you will get to me (higher self). Once you become one with your highest self, that’s when you will truly ascend 100%. Ascended Master.

Be precise and specific in your desires and convictions. Don’t let things slide because they’re close. It’s okay to say no!

Slow down and listen. You can hear the universe speaking to you. Work with it. Go with the flow. When you do this, life becomes effortless for you. And with that comes great success.

Relax. Do not worry. Stop stressing doing nothing and over compensating by doing too much. Trust in divine timing. Trust in the universe.

You are a woman of many strengths. You have life times of lessons accessible to you at any time. Draw upon your ancient wisdom to create the life you desire this time around. The world is your oyster. Decide whole heartedly what you want and make that happen. You are capable – more than you know.

You are a divine being on earth. You are divinely protected. You have forged a connection to the spiritual realm over many lifetimes. You are one of us. You are connected. You can always call home, we always answer for you!

Use your mind to create your life. You create it. Whatever you imagine can become with strong convictions. The possibilities are infinite.

Do not let the mirage people can create of themselves stray you from what you already know. You read energy, you read situations. Turst your gut. Do not sway. Stand firm.

When you have doubt/fears, call on me (Archangel Michael). Release them to me and I will carry them for you. Transmitting them back into 100% pure white light filled with positive affirmations. You are divinely protected, always.

Trust the divine within. All that flows through you is divine creation. Harness it and use it. Channel it. Create every aspect of your life using all that flows through you. Trust and all you have to do is show up. Wake up every day excited to create a beautiful day!