In the grand scheme of things, all we have is time. The greatest gift we can give someone is our time. As a light worker we need to make sure that we are balancing our time between spending it on/with ourselves and on/with others. How you spend your time shapes your entire life. If you are constantly giving of yourself and your time to others, this will leave you empty and unsatisfied. Nothing you do and/or accomplish will feel rewarding. Treat yourself to some time alone. Get to know yourself, what you need and what you desire. Bond with yourself… the more time you spend doing this, the better you’ll get to know yourself. You’re spending the rest of your life with yourself, so you might as well get acquainted. Once you truly understand and start listening to yourself in regards to what you need.. your life will shift for the better. Once you’ve began to listen to and honor yourself, your vessel will begin to fill. Then you can truly give someone else your time. You can truly honor their soul with your whole heart-ed presence. Once you give some time to yourself, you can then give some time to others. ❤