Trust is exceptionally difficult for me. I’m not sure why or where the lack of it stems from. This is something I work on daily as I strengthen my connection to Spirit and Source. I have quite a few of “the clairs” but my strongest are clair-sentience and clair-cognizance. I receive my messages through a feeling and/or inner knowing. The lack of trust can become quite the hurdle when trying to decipher these messages. Am I over reacting? Am I reading the situation correctly? Do I have all of the details? Is there anything I’m missing? Is this my ego-self or is this truly something channeled? These are questions I ask myself daily. If you too are struggling with trust, it’s okay! I think in one way or another, we all are! Take a few deep breaths and remember that you are divine love and light on this Earth. Remember that you came from Spirit and Source created you to be exactly as you are. We are all divine beings. They want us to be successful in all that we do. We are here to spread the Love and Light. Live your life this way… Go with the flow, knowing that all is well. Have faith in the fact that they will not steer you wrong. When you feel a pull to do something, go with it. If you KNOW that you are supposed to be somewhere at a certain time, be there. Practicing simple things like this, on a daily basis, will create a stronger sense of trust within yourself and a stronger sense of trust for the messages you are receiving.

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for taking the time to discuss such an important topic. Many of you are struggling with this. Know that you are not alone. When you are weary – close your eyes, say a prayer and feel the connection. It is always there, all you must to is access it. Do not ever feel afraid to do so. This connection is your life line. This connection is how you will successfully navigate through life. The more you connect, the more you trust, the more you will receive. Remember, this is a practice. Connection does not come over night. Just like yoga – PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS. You can not expect us to give you answers and insight if you do not ask. We can not interfere with your free will. We can not do anything if you do not ask. PRACTICE THIS. PRACTICE ASKING. It is okay to ask for help. You should never feel ashamed or incapable for needing help. We all need a little help once in a while and that is what we are here for. We want to help you! We anxiously wait for you to ask. We know what it is that you must do, as do you. You just must simply learn to trust the voice that is inside of you. The voice that is steering you in certain directions. That voice is us. We are within you. We are one. Do not forget that you are a divine being of love and light. Remember this frequently. Remember that everything you do should come from this… it should come from divine love and light. When something no longer stirs the passion inside you, it is time to let it go. Keeping yourself and your energy/enviornment clear will help you better understand our messages. The more you understand, the more you will trust. It is all connected. We are all connected. Nothing is a stand-alone.. it all has a reason. There is a larger purpose for ALL. Work on the trust and one day you will see.
We leave you with this. With Divine Love & Light.
The Angels of the many Realms.
The light within me bows and honors the light within you as we are the same.
I am you, you are me, we are one, all is well.