Creating peace within yourself. That has to be the first priority, always. Only you know what you truly need. It is about you and that’s not selfish. Before you can ever truly care for another being, you need to care for yourself. You must be full, complete and at peace before you can bring lasting peace to another being. You must take care of yourself. Nobody else needs to understand that. It’s okay for it to be about you. It’s okay to take care of yourself. It is okay!

Ways to take care of yourself-
1) Take a bath
2) Meditate
3) Yoga
4) Walk
5) Eat less sugar
6) Drink more water
7) Eat more fruits & vegetables
8) Say no to things that don’t make your soul sing

When you sing and dance, that’s when you’re truly happy.

Find healthy ways to channel your energy.

“Idle hands are the devil’s playground.”

When your energy is not being channeled constructively, it becomes destructive. It will find the quickest, easiest outlet because it insists to be moved. Finding a healthy outlet brings peace and balance.