What is fear? Why do we have it? A realization of an irrational fear got me thinking… where did it come from? Why was it there?

Past lives.

That’s the answer I got. Our fears in this life time have to stem from a tragedy in a previous. Fall off a bridge to your death in one life… Afraid of heights in the next. Drown in one life.. Afraid of the water in the next. Stab the person you love in one life… Afraid to love in the next. All is connected. Even when your physical body dies, your soul lives in. It is reincarnated into another life time, but the imprints from tragedy remain with you.

In each life we live, we have to battle more and more challenges. Our soul is a collection of lives, past and present. That’s what makes us up. In order to fully move on and ascend, it is important to look back into our past lives. This can help us to understand the lessons we need to learn. This can also helps us to understand why we are the way we are.

Through past life exploration, you begin to know and understand your soul. This brings insight into many aspects of your personality. What you enjoy, what you fear, what you love, etc. By learning about your past lives, you learn about your soul. This is how you truly get to know yourself. For you are a soul having a human experience. It is not the human self which we need to know to truly understand ourselves, it is the soul.