Some may view death as the end, the grand finale to life. However, it is not. Death is the end of what we know. Death is the ending of what is no longer serving us. For some this may mean life of the physical plane. But death is not always about life. You can experience death in many ways. Death of the old you, death of your old life.

Recently, I had an experience where many deaths were channeled to me. I saw them, I felt them. It was a new experience that I was not used to and I was not sure how to interpret it for the longest. After taking some time to ponder this, meditate on it, and truly connect with why I was shown such morbid things I came to realize – it correlates totally with my life. It was symbolic of the death of the old Lisa. The death of the life I was living because I felt I had to. I realize it is time to move on and step into my dreams. It is time to live the life I want to live.

After being shown the deaths I channeled a message saying that death is not to be feared. Death is not the end. There are far more lessons those who have crossed over want to bring back to us on the Earth plane.

This is symbolic because of every experience we have is teaching us a lesson. Even when we do feel the death of our old selves, we should not move on without acknowledging all the things that old self has taught us. Every experience we have is for a reason… even death (physical or not). You must always look for the lesson, the silver lining and the good in each situation, as hard as that may be. By doing so.. this is how you ascend.

Ascension is the process of raising your vibration to the highest level. Ascension is the process of learning to always see the higher perspective. Archangel Azrael is here to assist us in that. He wants to teach us how to ascend while still on Earth, as well as show us how to ascend after we’ve crossed over. Archangel Azrael is the Angel of Death. Now, although this can sound scary.. it is not. He does not want us to die. He is simply about showing us the higher perspectives and paving the way for us to get there… and often times this means death of parts of you, death of your old ways, death of your old life. For you must make drastic changes during the process of Ascension. It is not easy, but he is here to help. Don’t forget to call on him in times of change.

Death is part of Ascension and Ascension is the goal.
Do not fear. Archangel Azrael is here.

With Love & Light,