Something is going to happen, regarding our Pres-Elect. A lot of spirit-minded people have different predictions and it seems these are all possible outcomes. However, there are some key factors which haven’t come into play yet.. but they will effect the way it goes. It’s contingent on people and their decisions regarding free will. Spirit knows the ultimate outcome that will come to fruition, but the matter in which we get there hasn’t been decided yet.

The outcome is going to be a new world order, so to speak. One where love and unity are prominent.

“I wonder if that means more killings and massive bloodshed beforehand.” asks Cathy.

That’s a possibility. Humanity is battling duality. Humanity has not yet realized that all is one. We are all one. I am you, you are me, we are one, all is well. Realization of this is a cornerstone of Ascension. When the word is spread, and more believe, the further we all will rise. Rest easy knowing that there are no unnecessary deaths. Every soul departure has a purpose. There is a bigger picture. With every “unjust” death, one more blind light worker begins to see. They awaken. There is a purpose. Unfortunately some souls must leave for the world to ascend, but when they leave for a greater purpose, they also ascend. The goal is ascension. It is all about ascension. It starts on an individual level and flows outwardly. Each person that starts the process, effects and inspires the next person to do so and so on. Until the entire world has ascended to such a level of divine love and light. Pure bliss.

We leave you with this as we have spoken. Out point was made and understood. You both must rest as that is important. We leave you with love and light, always.

Spirit. Ascended Masters. ArchAngels. Serapis Bey. Padre Pio. Jesus. Blessed Mother Mary. A collective message for our angels on Earth.