I’ve been off this week and taking time for myself… Starting with practicing yoga. Today I dedicated my practice to myself and my space. Standing in my own, and honoring my own self. After my practice, during my meditation this beautiful thought came to me and I knew I had to share it –

I love, honor, and accept myself unconditionally. My love for the divine is manifested through my love for myself. I am a living, breathing manifestation of divine love and light. The only way to honor the divine, is to honor one’s self. Without the connection to the sense of self, you lose the connection to the divine. It all starts within.
Take this time to connect to yourself. Get to know yourself. What drives you and what makes you feel alive. Make the necessary changes in your life so that you are living a life of joy and a life filled with love for every moment you are alive is a gift. Each moment is a chance to spread love and light into the world and to make it a brighter, happier place.
Honor and cherish the divine within you. It is unique. It is individual. It is needed in this world. Never forget how loved you are by the universal source energy. You are always surrounded and protected. Live your joy. Live freely. Live in love. Live. Namaste.