Today I felt a pull to drive past my house. I thought – I worked hard all day and I have more work to do tonight, take five minutes for yourself. Alone. So I went with it. I suddenly felt the need to pick up my selenite and cleanse the space. Clear all low vibrations from the environment. I even called on some Catholic deities and connected to Blessed Mother Mary. I was surrounded by her divine love when Nanny popped in to say hello. I’m now sure that they’ve been working together for a long time to keep me safe and protected. I then got this beautiful prayer-

Chokurei chokurei chokurei. I ask that I am protected every day. Surround me with your white light. Protect me with all of your might. Never leave my side, always hold my hand. Walk with me in spirit and on the land. Guide me through this life. Illuminate the way. I feel your divine love, every single day.