The High Priestess. She is one of the most revered woman. She has power, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and peace flowing within her. She is a being of divine light. She shines bright.

Greece / Middle East / Egypt



Dear Lisa,

It is time to get in touch with your intuition on a new level. You must open up. To hear. To see. You’ve always known. But there is more. You can taste. You can feel. You can talk to us in ways and on levels that you have yet to experience. Continue to grow yourself. Heal yourself. Through this, we will be brought closer and closer to you, as you will be brought closer and closer to yourself. Pursuing a career in the spiritual realm is your destiny. You must persevere. You were brought here to bring light to the world. You are a healer, a teacher, a lover, a spirit guide, and a mother (to be). Focus on the children, that is where true change can be made. Teach the young ones your methods. Teach the young ones your ways. Spread the gift with the young. Keep passing it down from each generation. That way, you can touch many more souls than just the ones you meet in this life time.

Continue your work. Continue your path. Do not steer off, for we will bring you back on track. Enjoy the journey. Learn your lessons. Have your fun. Do not worry. You are blessed. You are protected. All is good.

With Love,