Dear Lisa,

We have shown you the antelope. This is because things will go quickly. You know this. Now that you are opening up, things will progress. You must trust your instinct. You must trust us to guide you through this. You must bring others with you. This is your path. It is to be walked alone. However, you must share your knowledge with as many as you can. Spread it. Spread the knowledge. Light transforms light. For the entire world to elevate, you must do so first. You must raise yourself. Raise your consciousness. By doing so first, you can then raise the consciousness of others. Feels yourself now. Floating above your body. Your crown chakra is wide open. The knowledge you can access is abundant. The more you realize this, the higher you go. The further you ascend. The more doors you unlock. Tap into this knowledge. Tap into it often. And freely. This is yours to access at anytime. Teach others. Teach others how to access it. Teach others to ascend. Take their hand and bring them up. Up into the higher realms. Help others to meet their spirit guides. Help others to meet themselves. Back into the light. Back into the upper realms. This is where you truly meet yourself. Your soul. This is where your higher self resides. You must connect with and be in touch with your higher self, before you can truly understand yourself. Your higher self has been with you from the beginning. Through every life you have lived.. and you’ve lived many. Your higher self holds all of the data from your lives. You can tap into it at anytime. Call on Archangel Metatron and Archangel Azrael. They are both here to assist you. Your past lives is where you will find greater and deeper understanding for yourself and who you are in this life. It is important to go back and to go back often. Learn about yourself. Understand. This is how you grow. Growth and expansion are the keys to ascension. The more you can learn in this realm, in this lifetime,  the higher your soul elevates. The entire world is about to ascend on a grand scale. People are going to come to a perspective they’ve never before understood or even imagined. It is you, the light workers, that will help them. Teach people about the light. Teach people about the love. Teach people about ascending. This is your path. This is your way. This is your time. Step into your power. Step into yourself. Let your light shine.

Love Always,

Archangels, Ascended Masters, The Collective, and the great I AM.