Everybody is always asking for a sign, but is anybody actually paying attention to them when they come? Spirit talks to us in many different ways. They use what we know to relay messages. Ever get a song stuck in your head out of no where? Or think of a person spontaneously? These are ways spirit communicates. I’ll share a story of eye opening synchronicity of my own –

This past week I started my angel card certification class. In the first class I pulled a total of four cards. The first pull I did was a one card pull – Spirit Animal. To me this was a reminder to get out into nature and observe the animals. They communicate without using words. I feel I should watch them and connect to that. The less you rely on words, the more you rely on instinct and intuition. The third pull was a three card pull – The Miracle of Nature, New Beginnings and Spirit Animal. Interesting how Spirit Animal came up again.. There’s no coincidences! This for me meant that if I get out into nature, connect with the animals, as well as my own inner animal, that a new page would be turned. After class I headed home, it was about 11pm when I was walking towards my door. Out of nowhere a butterfly flies in front of my face, through the backyard, and up and away. It was bright and vibrant.. Filled with blue, orange and brown colors. There’s no denying this was spirit. What are the chances a bright butterfly flies by at night?! Butterflies are the symbolisation of change and transformation.

It’s time to wake up, pay attention to the world around us. And pay close attention to the ways spirit uses our world to talk to us. This is a message for the world and the time to give it is now. Be aware, keep your eyes open. All that happens is a message from spirit that only you can interpret for yourself. It means something different to every person, that’s why we all walk different paths. Don’t just ask for a sign… Ask for a sign and be open to receiving it, in any and all ways it wants to be given.

I’ll leave you with that today.

Love Always & Namaste.