Everybody goes through times where they feel more connected than others. When you have trouble connecting, take some time to think. Take some time to appreciate yourself. In my experience, when I have the hardest time connecting, it is when I don’t feel worthy. It’s when I am not honoring myself. When I’m not in love with the decisions I’ve been making. How can one truly love themselves if they don’t love every decision and action they make. The reason why it gets so hard to connect, is because you don’t want to face the truth. Spirit will always be there to show you love, but also to show you truth. When ego get in the way, we don’t want to face the truth. If you can push ego aside, and remember that we are all one. Every experience, whether it be good or bad, carries a lesson for you. When you remember that, you can let ego go. Once ego is released, spirit is there.

Find and honor your individual connection to spirit and remember that it is ALWAYS there for you. Always.