Welcome Love…

It is my honor and privilege to connect with you. It is I, the Voice of the Eternal Mother, coming to connect with you again. It is my womb of creation has birthed all into life. I am the keeper of the Cosmic Cycle; birth, life, death, rebirth.. etc.

Dear, it is true that we are one. It is finally through your awareness and understanding of all that I am, that you will come to remember all it is that you are.

Vast. Expansive. Limitless. Potential.

You have grand purpose here on Earth.

& your greatest purpose of all is to be in joy.

There is no thing that you desire that you can not have.
You are divinely supported in your remembering of the pure power in your natural, heart led desires.

Meet The Channel :: Lisa Dooley

I incarnated (this time around) in 1991 to bring forward the healing and reclamation of the Divine Mother. Through my spiritual studies and eternal search for truth, I have become Reiki Master, Energy Therapy Practitioner, Rose Priestess, Holy Priestess under the Order of Melchizedek, Channel, Oracle, Women’s Mentor and Spiritual Teacher. Learn More

It is my pleasure and purpose to lead the way to Heaven on Earth through the Divine Feminine healing.

Heaven does not exist outside of you. It is simply a vibrational frequency that once cultivated within can be expressed and birthed into your reality here on Earth.

Through understanding yourself not only as human, but as an energetic being, you can open up to working with the energy of the Universe that surrounds you. When you work in alignment with the powers of energy, you call forward your desires with quickness and ease.

More on creating Heaven on Earth

Channeled Inspirations:
The Podcast with Lisa Dooley

Channeled Inspirations: The Podcast with Lisa Dooley Season 2 Episode 9   Join me as I delve into the hot topic I've been speaking about a lot lately; Heaven on Earth. I break down what Heaven & Hell really are, what Heaven on Earth truly means, and how you can begin to create it.   Connect with me on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/channeledinspirations More information on Crystallize: http://www.channeledinspirations.thinkific.com/courses/crystallize Donation based energy blessings: http://www.paypal.me/revlisadooley
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  2. Looking at the Matrix
  3. Honor the Lineage. Heal the Lineage.
  4. The Rebellion of Feminine Pleasure
  5. Embodying Soul Truth



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