Calling in more clients & making more money never felt so good!


Hi! I’m Lisa – the founder and owner of Channeled Inspirations.

What makes me so different is my unique take on business.

I’m not just another business coach, and I’m not just a regular spiritual mentor.
(not that there’s anything wrong with either- it’s just not me.. besides you’ve been there, done that already and now you’re ready for something different!)

I’m all encompassing-
a spiritual leader to business owners!

I take a holistic approach to your business; looking at the energy, thoughts, beliefs AND strategy behind everything you do.

I help you make sure that your business and your offers are totally aligned with your highest truth.

My clients have increased their profits by 9x, signed their first clients, scaled to new levels in their business, and even put ideas into motion that they’d been sitting on for years, all while following their hearts, their truth and their desires.

I help you get really intimate with your business and discover that your business is an extension of yourself.

Living your truth is the key to easy sales and soulmate clients.

I am the perfect mixture of structure and intuition, real talk and jokes, and help you with everything you need to easily attract more clients and make more money!

If you can’t afford to go any longer without soulmate clients who are eager to pay you for your work, let’s talk!

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