Channeled Inspirations

A creation of channeled light encoded healing transmissions from heaven 🌤 + earth 🌱 to help you remember, awaken + embody your soul truth 🕊

by Lisa Dooley

Light Code Activations

Reconnect to your highest truth and remember ancient knowledge to awaken to multidimensional consciousness.

Healing Transmissions

Release density within your energy to heal your body, mind and soul across all timelines, dimensions and realities.

Cosmic Rituals

Restore connection to your cosmic soul through practices and rituals to raise your energetic vibration.

“An act of God has all the power of God in action. You are an act of God.”

– Channeled by lisa dooley

It’s important to remember your own power in life.

There is nothing you can not overcome. You get to be, do and have everything you desire!

About Lisa

Reiki Master, Intuitive Guide, Priestess and Channel of Cosmic Light;

Lisa is here to help anchor in higher timelines and help you find peace.

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